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Pine Cone Basket - light background

A pinecone basket from the pine tree state (Maine) - how perfect! This charming little basket is by Pam Cunningham, Penobscot master basketmaker. -

Victorian Basket Replica

This intricate and beautiful basket is a replica of a basket from the Shaker Museum in Sabbath Day Lake, Maine. The original was made by a Wabanaki Indian basketmaker in the late 1800's. Most likely made by a Penobscot or Passamaquoddy given the intricacy of the work.

Chief's Head Talking Stick - side of face

PLEASE Click on each image and it will expand to show full length or more detail of this talking stick.

Small Hopi Blue Corn

A small corn basket by Pam Cunningham, master Penobscot basketmaker. These little corn baskets have been many folks favorite basket by Pam. This one is a "Hopi Blue" - corn with predominantly blue kernels - with red, purple, lighter blue and yellow kernels mixed in . It is grown on the mesas surrounding the Hopi Pueblos - and used for grinding into a beautiful blue corn meal.

Elegant Turtle Talking Stick

The carved turtle atop this talking stick shows the elegance that painting the barkless portion of the stick can bring. Erik Sappier, Penobscot /Abenaki explains this technique "these sticks take 4-5 coats of stain to achieve the color, whereas the talking sticks I've made in the past are chip carved, stained then stain is wiped away.

Small Strawberry

A small Strawberry Basket by Pam Cunningham, master Penobscot basketmaker. Looks perfectly ripe and delicious!

Woman/Flower Talking Stick - face

On the top front is a woman's face. She is wearing a traditional Wabanaki peaked cap. An incised flower is at the mid center front of this stick and traditional motifs and chip carving decorate the rest of the lower part. Erik Sappier, Penobscot/Abenaki has work included in a recent Abbe Museum's exhibit.... "Emergence: Root Clubs of the Penobscot Nation".

2 Faces Root Club - Chief (face 1st side)

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Brave & Butterfly Talking Stick  - entire front of stick

On the bottom center front of this talking stick Joe Hugga Dana, Penobscot has placed an incised butterfly, similar to one's his father's mentor carved. Hugga is an exceptional chip carver and artist. He is the son of Stan Neptune and was taught by his father to chip carve. Stan is the leading authority on Maine Indian chip carving, root clubs and walking sticks.

Magenta Points & Curls

This basket with the slice of deer antler as it's handle, it is of magenta and natural ash colors. It is by Sarah Sockbeson, Penobscot basketmaker and has has both porcupine curls and round curlicue curls. The antler handle balances it perfectly. Sarah says this is her "medium wide" stlye.