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Golden Eagle/Landlocked salmon

This birchbark container, "Golden Eagle / Landlocked Salmon" took 2nd place at the Heard Museum's Invitational only in Phoenix in 2011 - Ribbon comes w/basket

August 2011 - Otter wins 2nd place ribbon in basketry @ SWIA - Santa Fe Indian Market - Most prestigious Native American art show

Floral sewing basket P st John

DISCOUNTED THRU JANUARY 2019 (Discounted $25)

A beautiful floral design of porcupine quills on a birch bark medallion graces this coiled sweetgrass basket by Paul St John; Mohawk/Passamaquoddy. The designs are traditional NE Indian designs.

powder puff/hat basket

This small basketry hat was made to hold a container of loose powder and a powder puff.

Jeremy's fine weave

Jeremy Frey's "thin weave" baskets are one of his signature pieces. This one is 6" in diameter (greatest diameter) and stands 5" high.

Jeremy Frey's med urchin basket rottweiller colors; top

Acclaimed Passamaquoddy basketmaker, Jeremy Frey's rottweiler colored medium size sea urchin basket.

Spring Eclipse w/ Birchbark Medallion
OTTER  took 2nd place at the Heard Museum's Invitational only in Phoenix with this basket!  Over 700 invited participants, Otter took a 2nd place.    2nd place @ both the Heard and Santa Fe in one year!This basket, which won second place at Santa Fe's Indian Market (SWIA)  had been on exhibit at several recent events - just returned and available for purchase.   It will come with it's the SWIA 2nd