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 Bear Neck Knife/Sheath

Neck knife: Bear and Wabanaki double curve motifs of porcupine quill on handmade birchbark sheath with skinning knife by Paul St John, Mohawk craftsman. This birch bark neck knife sheath has a large "cinnamon" bear at the top and Wabanaki double curve designs the front bottom.

Crow Woman Elder Doll

This Plains Style Woman doll is wearing a traditional outfit featuring a red trade wool dress decorated with beaded ribbon trim and many cowrie shells which look like elk teeth. For the Crow tribe in the 1870-1900 era the elk tooth dress was the epitome of Crow status and style. (see an 1890 Crow elk tooth dress in photos below).

Hummingbird & Flowers on Birch Bark Box

A stunningly realistic hummingbird of porcupine quill hovers above a purple blossom on this traditional round birch bark box. More purple flowers, connected by a vine with leaves grace the sides of the box. Paul St John, Mohawk craftsman uses variegated purple dyed porcupine quills for the flowers, and variegated green dyed quills for the leaves and vine.

MicMac Couple/Basket

The MicMac couple on the lid of this basket are dressed in typical clothing - 1750-1825 style. The woman is wearing a "peaked cap" which would have been trimmed with beaded designs and silk ribbon. She is caring a small ash basket. The man is wearing a toque, whe has a walking stick and is smoking a pipe.

Cheroot/cigar case Moose Hair Embroidered - Side A

An 1854 moose hair embroidered cheroot/cigar case, red woolen stroud cloth over birch bark with "Niagra Falls 1854" written on the birchbark inner case - see photo. Photos show both sides of this case, the top of the case, close ups of the embroidery, and the place and date on the inner case.

Moose Hair Embroidered Trunk/Casket -front

This small birch bark trunk/casket meant to hold jewelry or other small important items was made about 1840-70. A floral motif of moose hair embroidery decorates this attractive small box. Moose hair embroidery is very rare... increasingly difficult to find. A recent web search turned up only 1 other moose hair embroidered item for sale via the internet.

SM corn husk mask

Corn husk masks are a traditional Iroquois mask. This a small (travel size) corn husk mask by Paul St John, Mohawk craftsman. As do most Iroquois corn husk masks, this uses a braided corn husk foundation that is coiled and stitched together. Masks made of corn husks, also called bushy-heads or husk faces, are sometimes associated with the Husk Face Society.

Iroquois Owl Purse

Excellent condition and very beautifully done, this beaded Box purse is over 100 years old. On the two larger sides a beaded owl sits among branches against a green velvet background. The two smaller sides have a floral like design on the hot pink cotton fabric that became a popular background for Iroquoisian beadwork in 1890 and lasted thru about 1920.