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Very unusual lunch basket - with bentwood handle, unique stepped sides, and wrapped ring closure.

Sm Victorian Hoop Handle Basket

This smaller round straight sided basket has large hoop handles and is lined with tan silk material hand has light blue silk ribbon bows at handle tops.

It is 3.75" in diameter and 3.5" tall. The handles are 3" in diameter.

Vintage MicMac/Mi'kmaq beaded pouch

Very rare MicMac/Mi'kmaq (Canadian Spelling) beaded pouch. Beautiful beadwork designs are very similar on both sides of this piece.

Quill Box w/blue & gold c/1860-80

This is a porcupine quill on birch bark box with spruce root wrapped side rings and a cedar wood bottom There are porcupine quill designs in the spruce root wrapping on the sides of the round box.

This is 3.5" in diameter and 2.5" high. The condition is nearly perfect with 3 quills missing from the top of the box and only one of spruce root wraps broken (but not missing).