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Floral Mukuk

Gina Brooks, Maliseet artist, says this birch bark container shows both the older type of undecorated birch bark mukuk and the newer contemporary part that is decorated with flowers, leaves, vines, stars and more.

Maliseet Match Holder

Great piece of beadwork - Maliseet beadwork is not very common. This piece with great design and excellent condition is a great find! This has been viewed by some Maliseet elders and one of them said her mother used to make pieces very much like this one. She said it was for holding your brush and comb.

4 sided beaded vase

Exquisite 4 sided beaded vase/container with hummingbird, rabbit, bird with fan like tail, possibly a pigeon, and a star. The style and techniques used on this lovely piece seem to be a mix of Maliseet and Iroquois. Due to possibility it is Maliseet - it is in the "Vintage Maine" section.