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Polar Bear, black serpentine

A polar bear of black serpentine on a marble base by Joe Obed, Inuit sculptor. The bear is in alert hunting stance. The serpentine has white lines, streaks and a few white areas ... Great inclusions in the black stone.

Hunter in Kayak

This Innuit hunter has had a successful hunt, a seal carcass is on the front of the kayak, lying on it's back. There is an inflated seal bladder on the back of the kayak and a hunting knife on one side. The Inuit/Eskimo believe the seal's "soul" resides in it's bladder and so inflate the bladder to honor the seal. There is an annual festival of inflated seal bladders.

Hummingbird Sculpture

This hummingbird is carved of marble and has a moosehorn (antler) beak (and a moosehorn (antler) support connects it to it's base. Joe Obed, Inuit sculptor has captured this hummingbird mid-hover. Joe is a traditional Inuit carver, using a few simple lines to capture the complicated essense of the creatures he sculpts.

Inukshuk, front or back --small black serpentine

This little Inukshuk by Joe Obed, Inuit is of black serpentine stone - a hard stone to carve. An Inukshuk is a structure of rough stones stacked in the form of a human figure, traditionally used by Inuit people as a landmark or a commemorative sign. The full size Inukshuk are built throughout the arctic in the most northern areas of North American (including Canada).