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Joe Obed is an Inuit and has written a bit about himself.... he is from "Hopedale Labrador. Born and raised there. Been carving since 1999. I work with stone and antler. It's all hand carved and original work. I have work ranging from animals to drum-dancers. Sold my work around the world."

Eskimo Ivory "Igloos"

This walrus ivory set was bought by a soldier stationed in Alaska during WW II. He brought this and other Eskimo crafts back to his Maine home. Alaskan natives saw the potential for the sale of their traditional items and items made for "tourists" with the influx of over 22,000 military personal into Alaska during the war.

Eskimo Dog Sled Bracelet - 2 Dogs

The walrus ivory, whale baleen, or combined ivory and baleen bracelets like this were made to sale to tourists and WW II soldiers stationed in Alaska by Alaskan Eskimos from the 1930's to 1950's. Most were plain but some have etchings (scrimshaw) on the ivory and a few such as this have carved ivory.

tiny tooth pendant

very small seal tooth with even smaller shaman face carved into it.

shaman whale pendant

A pendant of new walrus ivory carved by Eskimo carver, Moses Soonagrook. This pendant has 2 faces, a bearded shaman face on side, a typical Eskimo face on the other, with 2 whales, on on either side


Figure of a hunter wearing a walrus head like a hat and cape over the hunter's head. Carved of new walrus ivory with sinew and baleen by well known Eskimo artist, Ray Toolie.

1916 Walrus ivory napkin ring

Napkin ring of walrus ivory with scrimshaw walrus head and letter dated 1916

Swimming polar bear

Swimming polar bear of new walrus ivory with baleen eyes and nose by Eskimo/Yup'ik carver Mark Napowtuk.

Shaman Mask

A shaman face sculpture made from a whale vertebra and new walrus ivory by Eskimo sculpture Bellarmin Ayek Seeganna of Kings Island Alaska.


Eskimo carver Davis Uglwook's standing cormorant of new walrus ivory with detailed wings