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Chip carving

Snout Club, Stan Neptune

The root club is a truly Maine Indian item - There just don't seem to be examples of these in any other area. Made from the root ball and trunk of a small birch tree, the root club has been documented to have been made pre-European contact. Traditionally used as weapons some later ones were thought to have ceremonial or spiritual use.

Erik Sappier, Large Root Club, - Face

Large root club featuring traditional chip carving and incised drummer and fisherman.

Elegant Chief 's head Talking Stick  - face

An elegant chip-carved talking stick by Joe Hugga Dana, Penobscot master carver.

Root Club/War club: Penobscot c/1920  - face

This relatively small root club is very similar to one that appears on the back of the book "Spirits in the Wood" by Joyce Butler.

Spirit Moose Root Club by Hugga

Impressive new root club by arguably the best chip-carver, -ever -, Joe "Hugga" Dana, Penobscot.