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Chip carving

Aaron York is an internationally known traditional artist and educator. He is the owner and founder of the Red Child Studio of Fine Wabanaki Arts. Although best known for his skills as a birchbark canoe artisan, he has also revived several other rare Wabanaki art forms such as brides boxes and highly embellished crooked knives.

Stan Neptune is the leading authority on Maine Indian chip carving, root clubs and walking sticks. In the process of learning Penobscot myths, history, legends and stories from Senebeh, a religious elder and root club carver, Stan picked up chip carving.

Erik is Penobscot/Abenaki who grew up spending summers with his Penobscot grandfather on Indian Island, Penobscot Nation, Maine and with his Abenaki mother on Abenaki lands in New Brunswick, Canada.

Joe 'Hugga' Dana is the finest Native American chip carver. Chip carving is a traditional Native American art form specific to the Penobscot and Passamaquoddy tribes of Maine.

Woman/Flower Talking Stick - face

On the top front is a woman's face. She is wearing a traditional Wabanaki peaked cap. An incised flower is at the mid center front of this stick and traditional motifs and chip carving decorate the rest of the lower part. Erik Sappier, Penobscot/Abenaki has work included in a recent Abbe Museum's exhibit.... "Emergence: Root Clubs of the Penobscot Nation".

2 Faces Root Club - Chief (face 1st side)

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Brave & Butterfly Talking Stick  - entire front of stick

On the bottom center front of this talking stick Joe Hugga Dana, Penobscot has placed an incised butterfly, similar to one's his father's mentor carved. Hugga is an exceptional chip carver and artist. He is the son of Stan Neptune and was taught by his father to chip carve. Stan is the leading authority on Maine Indian chip carving, root clubs and walking sticks.

Bride's Box "Nanatansisak Love" (Hummingbirds Love)

This spectacular bride's box by Aaron York, Abenaki artist is one of a handful of brides boxes he has made. Most of the others are in museums including the prestigious McCord Museum, Montreal, QC, Canada. This is a larger bride's box and the two hummingbirds hover above a lady slipper flower, the wild elusive queen flower of the Northern Woods.

Root Club: Brave's Face

Root Club with carved and painted brave's face, unpainted chip carved handle; C/1900-1920. 23" long, handle is about 2" diameter at top, 1.5" diameter at bottom - root bundle is about 7" across and 7" deep.

Snout Club, Stan Neptune

The root club is a truly Maine Indian item - There just don't seem to be examples of these in any other area. Made from the root ball and trunk of a small birch tree, the root club has been documented to have been made pre-European contact. Traditionally used as weapons some later ones were thought to have ceremonial or spiritual use.