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Jennifer Sapiel Neptune, beadworker, basketmaker and herbalist. Jennifer's ancestors have lived on what is now the Penobscot Nation's "Indian Island" for generations. She remembers her grandmother working there to dye ash splints for traditional ash and sweetgrass baskets. Jennifer has a degree in anthropology and a concentration in Native Studies from the University of Maine in Orono.

Wabanaki Shoulder Bag

This is a traditional shoulder bag with a braided strap made of soft brain-tanned deer leather. The front and front flap are made from a vintage red old Hudson Bay blanket, the back is of the same very soft brain- tanned deer hide. The front (and flap) are decorated with traditional Wabanaki beadwork designs. This bag is made by Paul St John, Mohawk craftsman.

Beaded Pincushion with Flags

The trilobe pincushion and pillow are traditional shapes for Iroquois beadworkers. The American flag has been a beadwork design by Iroquois and many Plains tribes for about 150 years. There has been a book written about the use of American Flags as decoration for Indian art/craft. A short explanation - as tribes defended their homelands, they were defeated by the firepower of the cavalry.

Bandolier Bag - Iroquois beadwork

This is a traditional bandolier bag made of vintage red old Hudson Bay blanket that had a black stripe - it is decorated with traditional Iroquois beadwork designs. The inside of the bag and strap are lined with red cotton material. Paul St John, Mohawk craftsman uses very early Iroquois beadwork designs on this piece.

Beaded Dragonfly Necklace

Beautifully Beaded Dragonfly Necklace by Gal Frey, Passamaquoddy

Apache Doll Cradleboard

This small Apache doll cradleboard comes with a doll laced inside. The "salt and pepper" beadwork at the outer sides of the leather wrapping and on the front edge of the cradleboard's bonnet is done with "salt and pepper" beads - a term used for random multi-color beadwork. This style was used in the 1880-1890's.

Maliseet Match Holder

Great piece of beadwork - Maliseet beadwork is not very common. This piece with great design and excellent condition is a great find! This has been viewed by some Maliseet elders and one of them said her mother used to make pieces very much like this one. She said it was for holding your brush and comb.

50's Sioux Mocs

These 1950-60 moccasins were purchased on the Pine Ridge Sioux Reservation. They had been worn by a tribal member who was the seller. The beaded tops and sides are done in a great "flame" design.

Iroquois Owl Purse

Excellent condition and very beautifully done, this beaded Box purse is over 100 years old. On the two larger sides a beaded owl sits among branches against a green velvet background. The two smaller sides have a floral like design on the hot pink cotton fabric that became a popular background for Iroquoisian beadwork in 1890 and lasted thru about 1920.

Beaded heart medicine pouch

This exquisitely beaded medicine pouch is by Jennifer Sapiel Neptune, Penobscot.