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Vintage Miniature doll cradle

A very rare late 1800's basketry doll cradle. The fancy "bow ribbon" curl at the top of the cradle bonnet as well as the other types of ash curls and the X rim wrap over the top sides of the cradle indicate that this was Passamaquoddy made.

SM corn husk mask

Corn husk masks are a traditional Iroquois mask. This a small (travel size) corn husk mask by Paul St John, Mohawk craftsman. As do most Iroquois corn husk masks, this uses a braided corn husk foundation that is coiled and stitched together. Masks made of corn husks, also called bushy-heads or husk faces, are sometimes associated with the Husk Face Society.

Clara Keezer Snowman basket

Sadly Clara Keezer passed away on August 2nd, 2016 at the age of 86 . She was born August 3rd, 1930.

Great snowman basket by Clara Neptune Keezer. Clara or her sister Theresa Neptune (d/2007) made the first snowman basket. Clara still makes snowman baskets, but very rarely. I believe this is the last snowman basket Clara made.

Starfish design quill box

This MicMac quillwork box dates between 1860-1880. It is in near perfect condition. The "8 Legged Starfish" design on the top of the lid is a traditional and beloved MicMac quillwork design.

Small Loop curl Victorian Basket

This basket is wonderful example of the fancy baskets made during the Victorian era. This has small loops of finely braided tidal sweetgrass at the top and bottom of the basket as well as around the outer edge of the lid. There is also a tidal sweetgrass braid which is added in a slant across the wide ash band at the center of the basket.

Antique sm gathering basket

Very early small gathering basket with swabbed coal tar dye splint near the bottom of the basket.

powder puff/hat basket

This small basketry hat was made to hold a container of loose powder and a powder puff.

Modified acorn basket

A vintage modified MicMac (Mi'kmaq Canadian spelling) acorn basket with orange, lavender and yellow.

Jeremy's fine weave

Jeremy Frey's "thin weave" baskets are one of his signature pieces. This one is 6" in diameter (greatest diameter) and stands 5" high.

Jeremy Frey's med urchin basket rottweiller colors; top

Acclaimed Passamaquoddy basketmaker, Jeremy Frey's rottweiler colored medium size sea urchin basket.