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Flower basket, 13 flowers

A major piece by Geo Neptune, Passamaquoddy - "Traditional Flower Basket w/13 Flower's"

First 4 photos show this piece from all 4 sides - following photos show individual flowers close-up, then the basket bottom, and George's signature (on the underside of the handle).

Basket Purse   side

This purse is a smaller version of the basket that Gabriel Frey, Passamaquoddy won first place in Division B: Non-Southwest Basketry in the twined/wicker category at the prestigious Santa Fe Indian Market, August 2017. It was Gabriel's second time attending this market, he won an honorable mention ribbon in his first year, 2016.

Vintage Passamaquoddy Sweetgrass X basket

This larger vintage drum basket (round w/straight sides) is so lovely. It is Passamaquoddy and has a beautiful design of wide alternating weaver splints (lovely rose color alternating with natural ash color now turned golden). Over these wide splints are woven sweetgrass braids in an overlaid X pattern. These sweetgrass braids are tightly and finely braided.

Corn Basket 1997

My friend Clara Keezer, honored Passamaquoddy basketmaker, passed away August 2nd, 2016 at the age of 86. Clara Keezer was humble, kind, generous and very hardworking. I miss her as does her family and community.

Spiral Twist w/Curls Basket

My friend Clara Keezer passed away in 2016. I loved visiting her, buying her work, sharing a good laugh. I am parting with a few more of her baskets that I purchased from her over the years. There are many I can't bear to part with. (and I have purchased a few of her works from the 1990's from a down-sizing collector)

This basket shows Clara's love of bright and strong color.

Smaller Unripe Blackberry Basket

Unripe blackberry basket - like ripening fruit, this piece has areas of deep purple, lighter purple and light green, shading even lighter! This piece by Geo Neptune, Passamaquoddy basketmaker is similar to a larger piece that won a second place in basketry at The Heard Museum Guild's Indian Market in March, 2017. See photo of the piece and his ribbons.

Spiral twist basket, red, natural and sweetgrass

Some of Clara's very distinctive signature spiral twist designs are done with one dyed ash splint, natural ash splint, and sweetgrass braiding. This is a design that Clara has made all her own. Others of Clara's spiral twist baskets have 3 colors or colors and a third "twist weaver" made of tightly braided tidal sweetgrass.

MicMac Couple/Basket

The MicMac couple on the lid of this basket are dressed in typical clothing - 1750-1825 style. The woman is wearing a "peaked cap" which would have been trimmed with beaded designs and silk ribbon. She is caring a small ash basket. The man is wearing a toque, whe has a walking stick and is smoking a pipe.

Green, Yellow, Red - Spiral Twist basket

Clara Keezer's very distinctive signature spiral twist design done here with three dyed ash splints, -red, yellow, and green. The spiral twist with color is a design that Clara has made all her own.