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Sewing Basket +w/3 accessory baskets

A large round open sewing basket with 3 accessory baskets by Pam Cunningham, Penobscot master basketmaker. The large basket has porcupine curls over every other foundation splint, and the remaining splints are dyed black. The weaver splints are dyed a deep burgundy except for a thin black splint at the top.

Christmas Tree Basket

A cheerful bright Christmas tree basket by Passamaquoddy basketmaker, Debbie Nicholas. This charming little tree is adorned with bright pink and lovely lavender garlands and has a gorgeous star of sweetgrass and ash atop it. The branches are made of "porcupine" curls, sometimes called "point" curls - and other times called simply "twists". There are 178 porcupine curls on this tree!

Pine Cone Basket - light background

A pinecone basket from the pine tree state (Maine) - how perfect! This charming little basket is by Pam Cunningham, Penobscot master basketmaker. -

Victorian Basket Replica

This intricate and beautiful basket is a replica of a basket from the Shaker Museum in Sabbath Day Lake, Maine. The original was made by a Wabanaki Indian basketmaker in the late 1800's. Most likely made by a Penobscot or Passamaquoddy given the intricacy of the work.

Blue 4 Flower Top Basket

A 4 flower (with natural petals) topped basket that tapers down from the top and has 8 rows of vibrant blue point curls (also called porcupine curls) by Dr. Molly Neptune Parker, Master Basketmaker. There are also 2 rows of the beautiful blue curls on the lid surrounding the flowers. - Many of Molly's flower top baskets have only 3 flowers.

Small Loop Top Basket

This small round ash basket with loops of braided tidal sweetgrass at the top is by Kenny Keezer, Passamaquoddy. The ash is natural (near white), and dyed green and red. The braided tidal sweetgrass loops are of tight neat braids. There is plain tidal sweetgrass wrapping the rim of the basket.

Small Hopi Blue Corn

A small corn basket by Pam Cunningham, master Penobscot basketmaker. These little corn baskets have been many folks favorite basket by Pam. This one is a "Hopi Blue" - corn with predominantly blue kernels - with red, purple, lighter blue and yellow kernels mixed in . It is grown on the mesas surrounding the Hopi Pueblos - and used for grinding into a beautiful blue corn meal.

Small Strawberry

A small Strawberry Basket by Pam Cunningham, master Penobscot basketmaker. Looks perfectly ripe and delicious!

Small Basket - 2 types of curls

This small round natural ash basket by Kenny Keezer, Passamaquoddy has 2 types of decorative curls. The basket's sides have 2 rows of small slant curl separated by a row of larger curlicue curls s.The lid has a decorative bow handle, a signature style of the Keezer family. The top of the lid is woven with plain tidal sweetgrass. The bottom row of curls are all curlicue curls.

Honoring Basket

This lovely large round basket has several loops of somewhat thick tightly braided tidal sweetgrass that extend up over the rim of the basket. It is by Clara Neptune Keezer (d. 2016) - a much honored Passamaquoddy basketmaker and elder. This is an older design element used by Passamaquoddy basketmakers as early as 1880's.