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Yellow Acorn Basket

Here is a yellow acorn basket by Geo Neptune, Passamaquoddy. It is 2.25" in diameter at widest (cap/lid) and tapers to a point at bottom (like a real acorn). It is 2.5" high to the top of the cap/lid. The looped braided sweetgrass handle is 1.5" making this 4" total height. Acorn baskets have been made for over 125 years by Geo's ancestors.

Small Slant Curl Basket/purple accent

This small round natural ash basket with purple accents is by Kenny Keezer, Passamaquoddy. The basket's sides are covered with decorative slant curls.The lid has a decorative bow handle, a signature style of the Keezer family. The top of the lid is woven with plain tidal sweetgrass.

Extraordinary Berry

This smaller "Extraordinary Berry" basket is 2.5" high, 2.25" widest diameter with a 1.75" opening diameter and a .75" bottom diameter. It is covered in curlicue curls, both the lid and the basket. It has six unique cut green "hull leaves " on the lid and a very long braided sweetgrass "stem"...

Strawberry Basket: Large

Here - in a larger than most - is one of Dr Molly Neptune Parker's signature baskets, a strawberry basket. Dr. Molly Neptune Parker has received some of the highest honors for her work as a basketmaker.

Unripe Blackberry #2

Unripe blackberry basket - like ripening fruit, this piece has areas of deep purple, lighter purple and light green, - with a few areas of natural ash, even lighter! This piece by Geo Neptune, Passamaquoddy basketmaker is similar to a larger piece that won a second place in basketry at The Heard Museum Guild's Indian Market in March, 2017. See last photo which is of the piece and ribbons.

Black, Gray, Natural Flower Top Basket

A flower top drum basket (round with straight sides) with gray and black curlique curls by Dolly Barnes, Passamaquoddy. Dolly is the daughter and apprentice of Dr. Molly Neptune Parker, NEA Heritage Fellowship award winner. The flowers atop this basket are one of Dolly's mothers signature styles. Dolly's great- grandmother also made flower topped baskets as does her mother Dr.

Clara Keezer Small Loops Basket

Sadly Clara Keezer passed away on August 2nd, 2016 at the age of 86 . She was born August 3rd, 1930.

Blue/Natural Flower Topped Basket

A 3 flower (with natural and blue petals) topped basket that tapers down from the top and has 5 rows of natural color curlicue curls by Dr. Molly Neptune Parker, Master Basketmaker.

Midnight Whitecaps basket

Midnight Whitecaps - a significant work by Penobscot artist/basketmaker Sarah Sockbeson evokes foamy waves atop a stormy sea on a moonless night. A similar basket by Sarah took 2nd place in basketry at the 2018 Heard Museum's Indian Market show. (see photo of this work w/ribbon it won below) This tall vase shaped basket has porcupine curls over alternate ash splint weavers.

Magenta Points & Curls

This basket with the slice of deer antler as it's handle, it is of magenta and natural ash colors. It is by Sarah Sockbeson, Penobscot basketmaker and has has both porcupine curls and round curlicue curls. The antler handle balances it perfectly. Sarah says this is her "medium wide" stlye.