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Yellow Acorn Basket


Here is a yellow acorn basket by Geo Neptune, Passamaquoddy. It is 2.25" in diameter at widest (cap/lid) and tapers to a point at bottom (like a real acorn). It is 2.5" high to the top of the cap/lid. The looped braided sweetgrass handle is 1.5" making this 4" total height. Acorn baskets have been made for over 125 years by Geo's ancestors. They have been a favorite basket form for over 125 years as well. Some larger vintage acorn baskets have holes in the lid, these were used for crochet, lace making and knitting. Yarn/thread was placed inside with an end coming out of the hole. You could then knit/tat or crochet without tangling up a loose ball of yarn/thread.

This has braided tidal sweetgrass used as weavers on it's cap/lid with a loop of braided grass as the handle. The rim of the cap/lid is bound with plain tidal sweetgrass. The foundation splints of the basket and the basket weavers on the bottom of the basket are yellow dyed ash splints. This is the traditional basketry material used by Geo's Passamaquoddy ancestors and by Wabanaki basketmakers of NE Canada, Maine and Vermont. Wabanaki Confederacy consists of 5 tribes, Abenaki, Maliseet, MicMac/Mi'kmaq (Canadian spelling), Passamaquoddy and Penobscot.

This basket is signed and dated on the outer side of the top rim of the basket. Geo has placed a tidal sweetgrass at the top of the basket bottom's rim. Geo has won many ribbons at the Santa Fe and Heard Museum's Indian Markets. Geo's work was included in the Portland Museum's biennial 2016 exhibit along with 3 other Maine Indian basketmakers. Including work typically considered "craft" was a first for the PMA and appropriately elevated the basket makers work to works of art.

Geo's grandmother, Dr. Molly Neptune Parker's work. Molly taught Geo to make baskets and has received many of the highest awards for her work as a Passamaquoddy basketmaker including a National Endowment for the Arts Heritage Fellowship and an honorary doctorate degree from Bowdoin College for her commitment to this traditional art form and her commitment to her community (See Molly Neptune Parker's biography in the "Bio" section of this website)

Yellow Acorn Basket
Yellow Acorn Basket - side
Yellow Acorn Basket - dime for scale
Yellow Acorn Basket - open
Yellow Acorn Basket - signature
Weight: 8 lb