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Walrus ivory napkin ring c/1916


Napkin ring of walrus ivory with scrimshaw walrus head and letter from Kodiak Alaska dated 1916 detailing it's purchase as a gift.

This napkin ring is carved from a walrus tusk and is oval shaped.

The letter states in part that the sender, Isadore, was sending this napkin ring (and 11 others) to his brother to give to his mother. A photocopy of the letter will be included with this napkin ring.

Napkin ring is 2" long, 1.5" across and .75" high

Part of a collection of Eskimo and Inuit items which was built by one gentleman over several years. More items from this collection are now available - check more from this colleciton in "Antique items from other areas" and "current work from other areas"

NOTE: - currently California and New Jersey ban the sale of ALL ivory - so these can not be sold or shipped to anyone in either state. Should you live in one of these states and purchase this - I will not ship to you, I will refund your purchase price.....and relist this item... (And no international sales either - as many countries prohibit purchase/sale of any ivory)

1916 Walrus ivory napkin ring
1916 Walrus ivory napkin ring, top
1916 Walrus ivory napkin ring, letter
1916 Walrus ivory napkin ring, partial text
Weight: 10 oz