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Vintage Colorful Modified Acorn Basket


The orange, lavender and yellow exterior colors prove to have been red, purple and bright yellow when this basket was made - about 80-90 years ago. The modified acorn basket has the acorn shape but ends in it's own "stand" ... the bottom has large downward facing porcupine curls - it looks like an acorn basket set on a ring of porcupine curls. Here the lid also has large porcupine curls, upward facing.

This is 5.5" in diameter at the top, 3" in diameter at the bottom - not including the curls. Curls are 1" long making this 7.5" top diameter with the curls. It is 4.5" high to top of the lid. It has a nice wrapped ring handle on the top, 1" diameter.

Made of brown ash the traditional material of Maine and Eastern Canadian Indian basketmakers, it has tidal sweetgrass used as rim wrap for the basket lid.

This is the best vintage modified acorn basket I've found. It is in perfect condition (fading on exterior is normal for it's age) and it was made with technical excellence.

Modified acorn basket
Modified acorn basket top
Modified acorn basket 2nd side
Modified acorn basket open
Weight: 12 oz