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Victorian Era Basket with Decorative Small Loops


This basket is wonderful example of the fancy baskets made during the Victorian era. This has small loops of finely braided tidal sweetgrass at the top and bottom of the basket as well as around the outer edge of the lid. There is also a tidal sweetgrass braid which is added in a slant across the wide ash band at the center of the basket.

This is a straight sided round basket, known as a drum style basket. It is 5" in diameter and 3.25" high. Made of brown ash splints, the traditional material of Maine and Eastern Canadian basketmakers, the splints used to weave the basket are very narrow - 1/16". This has the finely and tightly braided tidal sweetgrass used as mentioned above as well as plain tidal sweetgrass which wraps the rim of the flat lid and the basket rim. There is a carved bentwood inner rim on the basket. There is a double wrapped ring attachment for closing the basket - one ring on the lid, the other on the bottom. The basket was dyed a deep rich rose which has faded to a pleasant peachy pink color.

There is a basketmaker's error in the slanted tidal sweetgrass braids at the back of the basket, the braid may have been too short or it is just a mistake but the braid does not slant across one of the areas of wide ash weavers. I have had this looked at by current basketmakers who confirm what I think... Not an area of damage but of original error. This will be to back of your display ...and in no way will detract from the amazing charm this piece has.

Small Loop curl Victorian Basket
Small Loop curl Victorian Basket -top
Small Loop curl Victorian Basket -side
Small Loop curl Victorian Basket -bottom
Small Loop curl Victorian Basket  -open
Weight: 12 oz