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Unripe Blackberry #2


Unripe blackberry basket - like ripening fruit, this piece has areas of deep purple, lighter purple and light green, - with a few areas of natural ash, even lighter! This piece by Geo Neptune, Passamaquoddy basketmaker is similar to a larger piece that won a second place in basketry at The Heard Museum Guild's Indian Market in March, 2017. See last photo which is of the piece and ribbons.

This smaller unripe blackberry basket is 2.5" high, 2.25" widest diameter with a 1.75" opening diameter and a .75" bottom diameter. It is covered in curlicue curls, both the lid and the basket. It has six unique cut green "hull leaves " on the lid and a very long braided sweetgrass "stem"... this stem is 8" long and ends in an opening 1.5" long at the top made by folding a braid over (at the top), leaving 1.5" then weaving those 2 braids together until attaching the thicker braid to the lid's top.

Geo uses varying dye baths to achieve his unique "unripe" baskets. The effect is marvelous!

This basket is signed and dated on the outer side of the top rim of the basket. Geo has placed a thin, braid of tightly braided sweetgrass at the top of the basket's bottom - this is a feature on some of his baskets, as well as some of his grandmother, Dr. Molly Neptune Parker's work. Molly taught Geo to make baskets and has received many of the highest awards for her work as a Passamaquoddy basketmaker including a National Endowment for the Arts Heritage Fellowship and an honorary doctorate degree from Bowdoin College for her commitment to this traditional art form and her commitment to her community (See Molly Neptune Parker's biography in the "Bio" section of this website)

Last photo shows Geo's Heard Museum prize winning basket & ribbons (2 for other works)

Unripe Blackberry #2
Unripe Blackberry #2  - top
Unripe Blackberry #2 - side
Unripe Blackberry #2 - Sante Fe Ribbons
Weight: 12 oz