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Small Bearhide Medicine Pouch



A small medicine pouch made of bear hide tanned with fur left on. This has bear hide/fur on the front, the back, strap and flap are made of very soft native tanned deer hide. There are antique brass cones and beads on leather dangles at the top on either side. These dangles have red trade wool at bottom. The flap hangs over the front top and has black and red vintage seed beads around the edges. A round wooden bead has been used for a closure on the flap.

The bear fur is very very thick and very very soft, shiny. The pouch itself is 3" long and 2" across. The flap hangs 1.5" over the front. The bear fur is about 2" below the bottom of the pouch ... so it is 5" long ... Strap is 12.5" long from center back of strap to side attachments. A knot can be tied to make it as short as you would like.

You can enclose medicines - natural or prescribed, or money, jewelry, smudging herbs (sweetgrass,tobacco, cedar, sage), crystals, fetishes ... whatever. Wear this around your neck, tie it to your belt, your backpack... whatever.

There will be 3 bear hide bags on this site and NONE of them can be sold/shipped out of the country or to the following states - Alaska, California, Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin. There may be others where bear hide/fur/claws/bones/parts are illegal. If you reside in one of them or any of the states listed please do not order any item that is made from bear. Should you purchase one and I see it is being shipped to one of the states above, I will not ship and will refund your money to your paypal account. Should your state have recently passed a law making the purchase of ownership of bear hide illegal - it is your responsibility to know this.

Sm Bear Hide Medicine Pouch
Sm Bear Hide Medicine Pouch -open
Sm Bear Hide Medicine Pouch -back
Weight: 6 oz