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Small Basketry Hat/Powder Puff


This small basketry hat was made to hold a container of power and a powder puff. This type of basket hat was made between 1880-1900. It is a rare form, not easy to find. The very few I have previously seen were all Passamaquoddy.

The basket bottom measures 5.25" in diameter, the top of the hat, basket lid - measures 3.5" in diameter. It is 1.25" high There is a lovely "bow" on the side of the hat.

Made primarily of brown ash splints, the traditional basketry material of Maine and Eastern Canadian Indian basketmakers, this has plain tidal sweetgrass used to wrap the rim of the bat and the bottom rim of the lid. Plain tidal sweetgrass is used as the weavers for the top of the hat.

There is a small amount of damage on this - some of the ash rim wrap on the bottom rim is missing and the tidal sweetgrass rim wrap is loosened there. And there is a small break on the lid - just under the top there are 2 of the narrow weaver splints broken - each missing about 1", YOu can show this piece in your display with the flaws turned toward the back of display. The bow on the hat will be showing in front ... it will display as a perfect piece.

I would not offer it here except for it's rarity. It's price reflects the slight damage it has.

powder puff/hat basket
powder puff/hat basket side
powder puff/hat basket front
powder puff/hat basket open
Weight: 10 oz