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Shaman face with Mask


This sculpture consists of a whale vertebra framing the center mask which when removed reveals the shaman face. Both the face and mask are carved from new walrus ivory. At the outer ends of the vertebra are two spears made with baleen shafts and carved bone spearheads. These also can be removed. The naturally occurring holes in the vertebra are painted on the interior with a rust color and outlined in black. These colors are used to paint the mask. The carved and painted walrus ivory mask fits over the face and is attached by two baleen pegs. The walrus ivory shaman/s face has baleen eyes and below the face is an ivory "beard" which shows below the mask.

The vertebra is 6" across, 3" high, and about 2" deep. The oval mask is 2" long and 1.25" across. The face is 1.25" long and 1" across. The spears are 4.5" long

Bellarmin Ayek-Seganna lived on Kings Island Alaska when this piece was sculpted by him.

Part of a collection of Eskimo and Inuit items which was built by one gentleman over several years. More items from this collection are now available - check more from this colleciton in "Antique items from other areas" and "current work from other areas"

NOTE: - currently California and New Jersey ban the sale of ALL ivory - so these can not be sold or shipped to anyone in either state. Should you live in one of these states and purchase this - I will not ship to you, I will refund your purchase price.....and relist this item... (And no international sales either - as many countries prohibit purchase/sale of any ivory)

Shaman Mask
Shaman Mask, mask off
Shaman Mask, w/dime
Shaman Mask, signature
Weight: 12 oz