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Sarah Molasses Doll (Niki Doll)


Paul St John has made a "Sarah Molasses" doll. Sarah was the daughter of famous (or infamous) Penobscot shaman Molly Molasses. Molly was born in 1775, in 1825 the portrait that appears here was done of her daughter, Sarah. Also shown is Niki Johnson, Penobscot descendent of Molly and Sarah - Niki is wearing regalia similar to what Sarah wore in her portrait drawn nearly 200 years before her photo below was taken.

This doll is 10" high, arms outspread to 6" and about 2" in depth. She wears a red silk ribbon bordered calico tunic shirt with white lace ruffles at the neck. Her skirt is bordered with thin light blue silk ribbon and is of vintage red wool, she has red and blue wool yarn tying her leather leggings at the knee. Her had is wool felt (would have been a beaver fur hat) with black and red dyed ostrich feathers and a silver hat crown with scalloping on the top and round pierced designs. The hat crown, a large silver "platter" brooch, round washer brooches on her skirt, a silver bracelet and silver hoop earrings are all replicas of trade silver proudly worn in Molly and Sarah Molasses' time. The doll also wears 2 strands of vintage red seed beads. Her wool wrap skirt has a brown tanned deer leather tie under her calico tunic - she wears a brown leather tie belt on the exterior waist of the tunic. She has a long single thick black yarn braid which she wears down her back. The braid is tied with the same leather from which the body of the doll is made.

The doll is made of very soft native tanned leather - of pale tan.

Sarah/Niki Doll
Sarah/Niki Doll - side
Sarah/Niki Doll - back
Sarah Molasses c/1825
Nicole Johnson w/eagle - 2014
Weight: 12 oz