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Purple Point curls, Teal & Natural Medium Basket


Here is a stunning round "point basket" by Pam Cunningham. Pam hasn't made this style of basket, round with the addition of dyed color curlicue curls or point curls for a number of years - And I am so pleased recently she has made a few medium size (as here) and smaller size for me to offer for sale.

To this medium size round point basket Pam outdusis Cunningham, Penobscot basketmaker, has added deep purple point curls (sometimes called porcupine curls or "twists") Natural light ash splints make the foundation and the weavers over which the curls are added are also natural, Pam has put a thin teal weaver between every row of "points".

Made of brown ash splints, traditional material of Maine and Eastern Canadian Indian basketmakers, with plain tidal sweetgrass binding the rims of the basket and the lid and finely, tightly braided tidal sweetgrass used for most of the weavers on the lid for this basket. At the exterior of the lid Pam has placed a row of small point curls and added a medium wide teal dyed splint at the very outside. Pam adds a round ash splint wrapped handle to the lid.

This medium size round basket is 4.5" in diameter at middle of the basket (largest diameter). It is 4.5" high including the ring handle.

Pam has signed and dated the basket on the outside of the inner basket rim "Pam o" "2022" and she has added her maker's mark; a sweet fern unfurling into a turtle - Pam is of the Penobscot Turtle Clan. Pam's Penobscot name is outdusis which means "little pathway".

Pam uses some tools; splint gauges, basket molds etc that belonged to her great-grandmother, ssipsis (means "little bird" in Penobscot language). To see a photo of ssipsis selling her wares and of Pam - and to learn more about Pam outdusis Cunningham go to the "bio" section of this website.

Round Purple Point Natural/Teal Basket
Round Purple Point Natural/Teal Basket w/dime
Round Purple Point Natural/Teal Basket  (lid top)
Round Purple Point Natural/Teal Basket - Signature
Weight: 12 oz