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Polar Bear of Black Serpentine on marble base


A polar bear of black serpentine on a marble base by Joe Obed, Inuit sculptor. The bear is in alert hunting stance. The serpentine has white lines, streaks and a few white areas ... Great inclusions in the black stone.

The bear is 4" long, nose tip to back of back leg bottom. It is 2 7/8" high and 2" across at widest (rump) - The marble base is 4.25" long, 2.5" wide and .25" high.

Marble base is incise signed, "Joe Obed Labrador (w/triangle & line maker's mark) Nanuk 2018" ... Base is mostly gray marble with a large white streak, but there is an area of the white base on the Bottom that has been gouged out by Joe - (you won't see it unless you turn upside down in good light)

Joe is a traditional Inuit carver, using a few simple lines to capture the complicated essense of the creatures he sculpts. It is that simplicity that elicits so much that I personally most admire about traditional Inuit sculpture. (Inuit is the Canadian word for the tribal group the USA calls Eskimo)

Polar Bear, black serpentine
Polar Bear, black serpentine  - side
Polar Bear, black serpentine  - front
Polar Bear, black serpentine - rear view
Weight: 2 lb