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Open Large Sewing Basket; 3 accessory baskets


A large round open sewing basket with 3 accessory baskets by Pam Cunningham, Penobscot master basketmaker. The large basket has porcupine curls over every other foundation splint, and the remaining splints are dyed black. The weaver splints are dyed a deep burgundy except for a thin black splint at the top. All porcupine curls point downward except for top row - what a beautiful finishing touch this gives to the top of this elegant sewing basket. The 3 smaller accessory baskets are a pincushion basket, a thread basket and lidded button basket. All 3 small baskets use the same natural, black and burgundy color scheme. The button basket and the thread basket have porcupine curls, the pin cushion basket has a graceful folded curl at the top rim surrounding the wool covered cushion (made by leaving the natural weaver splints a bit longer at the top and adding a slant curl on either side, slants folded inward).

Pam is a fabric artist/seamstress as well as a basketmaker - so this basket is designed to be a functional and beautiful basket for use by anyone who sews, mends, embroiders, hooks rugs, felts, quilts - etc.

The large straight sided round basket is 9" diameter at the top opening and the bottom. The porcupine curls (sometimes called "point" curls or "twists") extend out 1/2" either side so - overall diameter is 10". It stands 4.75" tall. The lidded button basket is 2" in diameter and 2" high (with the curls adding about 1/2" more diameter to basket & 1/4" more height. The thread basket is 2" diameter and 1.75" high, curls adding about 1/2" more diameter. The pincushion basket is 1.75" in diameter and 1.5" high.

Photos below show all 4 baskets. One photo shows lid on the button basket, another shows the lid 3/4 off the basket. The third photo shows the large sewing basket upside down - so you can see the outside bottom of the basket.

Pam Cunningham teaches basketmaking at the Indian Island community center in the assisted living facility as well as at the Indian Island Elementary School on Indian Island, Penobscot Nation, Maine. She uses basket molds and crooked knives and other tools once used by her great-grandmother, ssipsis. See a photo of ssipsis in Pam's "bio" in the bio section of this website and learn more about Pam Cunningham.

Sewing Basket +w/3 accessory baskets
Sewing Basket
Sewing Basket upside down
Sewing Basket - signature card
Sewing Basket - button basket open, thread out
Weight: 1 lb