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MicMac Couple - Porcupine Quill/Sweetgrass basket


The MicMac couple on the lid of this basket are dressed in typical clothing - 1750-1825 style. The woman is wearing a "peaked cap" which would have been trimmed with beaded designs and silk ribbon. She is caring a small ash basket. The man is wearing a toque, whe has a walking stick and is smoking a pipe. This oval basket has birch bark at center of lid and used as the bottom - then coiled tidal sweetgrass on sides and at rim of cover.

Paul St John, Mohawk places a variety of designs on his coiled sweetgrass baskets. Birds, animals, floral designs are his most common - but here he has used people with historically accurate dress and accessories.

It is 5.25" long, 4.25" across and 2.25" high. The birch bark medallion at center top is 4" long by 3" wide. There is a yellow dyed porcupine quill border of tidal sweetgrass around the lid's birchbark medallion.

An item in the "Vintage Maine Items" section of this site's store is a Huron moosehair embroidery needle case which has 2 similarly dressed men, one smoking a pipe and also has trees and a dog. This case is a Huron made piece on birchbark and was made 1750-1825.

MicMac Couple/Basket
MicMac Couple/Basket Close on Couple
MicMac Couple/Basket Very Close on Couple
MicMac Couple/Basket - open
Weight: 12 oz