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Little Pine Cone Basket


A pinecone basket from the pine tree state (Maine) - how perfect! This charming little basket is by Pam Cunningham, Penobscot master basketmaker. -

The basket is covered with sharp perfect "porcupine" curls - also called "point curls" and "twist curls" - These make the basket really resemble a pine cone with their sharp stickery scales. There are 88 porcupine curls on the basket's bottom.

This pinecone basket by Pam is 2" to top of basket lid, 2" diameter at lid - tapered to bottom of basket which is .75" diameter. The handle/loop of braided sweetgrass is 1" above the basket (total height 3") and the "pine needles" extend 1/4" beyond basket lid - making total width across the lid and extended "needles" 2.25". In the inner lid of the basket on an undyed added ash splint Pam has signed "Pam C" and dated the basket there "2020" - One of Pam's very first baskets this year!

Made of brown ash, the traditional material of Maine and Eastern Canadian basketmakers, this has plain tidal sweetgrass wrapping the rim of the basket and lid. The handle/stem of the pinecone is a loop of braided tidal sweetgrass with ends left unbraided - the ends look like pine needles ...

Pine Cone Basket
Pine Cone Basket - w/dime
Pine Cone Basket - signature
Pine Cone Basket - open
Weight: 8 oz