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Iroquois Bandolier Bag - of Vintage Hudson Bay Blanket


This is a traditional bandolier bag made of vintage red old Hudson Bay blanket that had a black stripe - it is decorated with traditional Iroquois beadwork designs. The inside of the bag and strap are lined with red cotton material. Paul St John, Mohawk craftsman uses very early Iroquois beadwork designs on this piece.

Iroquois traditionally made and used bandolier bags, of varying styles and designs. Here vintage white glass seed beads are used to make old traditional Iroquois designs on the front and band of the bag. The band of this bag has white bead diamond shapes with the tips touching. On the larger red portion of the bag there is a large center beaded design with traditional double curves, loops and a center "interrupted" diamond. Where the red top meets the black stripe on bottom the design is that of "unfurling ferns" - some of these are still tightly closed, others are beginning to unfurl/open. On the bottom black stripe there are 2 identical bead designs, these have elements of the larger top design but are a bit less complex. There is an outer beaded border around the bottom and sides of this bag.

The bag is 12.5" long, the width is 10". The band, which is to be worn across the shoulder is 26.5" from top of the band to the attachment point on the side of the bag. Band is 1 7/8" wide.

Beautiful display piece - or an amazing addition to your regalia.

NOTE: The last photo shows the Hudson Bay label that was on the blanket which makes up this bag. It will NOT be included as Paul made at least 3 items from the blanket - If buyer chooses I can take and email large clear photo of the label. When purchase is made use "Contact Us" on this website to request photo.

Bandolier Bag - Iroquois beadwork
Bandolier Bag - top front center design
Bandolier Bag -shows all of front and folded strap
Bandolier Bag -back of bag
Bandolier Bag - Hudson Bay blanket label
Weight: 13 oz