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Hummingbird, Star, Pigeon, and Rabbit Beaded Container


Exquisite 4 sided beaded vase/container with hummingbird, rabbit, bird with fan like tail, possibly a pigeon, and a star. The style and techniques used on this lovely piece seem to be a mix of Maliseet and Iroquois. Due to possibility it is Maliseet - it is in the "Vintage Maine" section.

The designs are beautifully done - the hummingbird is hovering on a branch, the rabbit seems poised to run if it smells danger.

It is 7" high, corner to corner on the top is 5" across, the middle at widest is 4" across and the bottom is 2" across. There are 1.5" long bead dangles hanging below the bottom. It is done on gray silk, an unusual background material and is lined with gray cotton. Mostly seed beads are used, but there are some slightly larger beads in various places and some metal sequins can be found on each of the 4 sides. The beads are all there, the fabric is in tact.. Perfect amazing piece. So well done as can be seen in the little touches - for example at the bottom of each top corner is a tiny beaded loop, a great "finish" for the corners... one I have never seen in any other piece.

Two examples of Maliseet design are the 5 sided/5 colors star - a typical Maliseet design as is the bead circle above the rabbit's head. There are no raised bead work designs in this piece as is common in Iroquois pieces. But I am not aware of any other Maliseet work depicting birds or animals while many Iroquois beaded pieces do.

Think it safe to call this "North East Native American beaded vase/container" c/1900.

4 sided beaded vase
4 sided beaded vase
4 sided beaded vase
4 sided beaded vase
4 sided beaded vase
Weight: 1 lb