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Hummingbird of Marble


This hummingbird is carved of marble and has a moosehorn (antler) beak (and a moosehorn (antler) support connects it to it's base. Joe Obed, Inuit sculptor has captured this hummingbird mid-hover. Joe is a traditional Inuit carver, using a few simple lines to capture the complicated essense of the creatures he sculpts. It is that simplicity that elicits so much that I personally most admire about traditional Inuit sculpture.

This hummingbird is 6" long (with beak), 1.25" across, 2" high. The base is roughly 2.5" long, 1.5" across and .75" high. The sculpture's total height with bird, base and support is 3.5" high.

This piece is signed - deeply incised on base's bottom is "Joe Obed - Labrador" - More lightly incised is "hummingbird - 2018"

Hummingbird Sculpture
Hummingbird Sculpture - slightly angled
Hummingbird Sculpture - opposite side
Hummingbird Sculpture - signature
Weight: 2 lb