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Hummingbird Dance Fan


A charming Ruby Throated Hummingbird of porcupine quill appears to hover over a red flower bud on the birch bark handle of this dance fan. Partridge feathers are atop the fan. Beautiful etched leaves on graceful stems surround the hummingbird and extend to the very bottom of the handle. A stunning addition to your regalia or a gorgeous display piece. This fan was made by Paul St John, Mohawk.

Scrape work, sometimes called "etching" is made by painstakingly scraping off the top layer of bark to show the contrasting layer below. This is carefully done by the artist to make the design or picture. Both the front and back of the handle have scrape/etch work (see photos above)

This fan is 14" total length and 9" across at widest. The handle is 8" long and 5.25" across at widest. Front and back of the birch bark handle are wrapped and sewn together with tidal sweet grass covering the joining of the the 2 sides. The handle is bordered with natural white porcupine quill. The hummingbird is of green, red, and black dyed quills with natural white quills. The flower bud is of red and yellow dyed quill, the stem and leaves of green dyed quill. The scrape/etched designs are on the front and back of the handle.

Hummingbird Dance Fan - perspective
Hummingbird Dance Fan - close up
Hummingbird Dance Fan - back
Hummingbird Dance Fan
Weight: 1 lb