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Great Blue Heron: Larger Oval Quill/Sweetgrass Basket


An regal Great Blue Heron standing stoically graces the lid of this larger size oval coiled tidal sweetgrass. Paul St John, Mohawk craftsman has fashioned the heron of porcupine quills. The heron stands in blue water with 3 cattail plants around him. Great blue herons are seen frequently in Maine's many lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, tidal estuaries and in salt marshes along Maine's coast. They are large, imposing and beautiful birds.

This larger oval basket has birch bark at center of lid and used as the bottom - then coiled tidal sweetgrass. It is 7.5" long, 6" at widest and 3" high. The birch bark medallion at center top is 6" long and 4.5" across at widest. Paul's great blue herons are among his most beloved bird designs, this is the first larger oval great blue heron coiled sweetgrass basket by Paul St John that I have been able to offer. The heron is of 2 shades of blue with a black stripe near top of it's head and black legs with a yellow bill. There is a natural white quill border around the birchbark medallion on the top of the lid. All but the white quills have been dyed by Paul.

Lrg Oval Great Blue Heron Quill Basket
Lrg Oval Great Blue Heron quill basket - Close up
Lrg Oval Great Blue Heron quill basket - Side
Lrg Oval Great Blue Heron quill basket - Open
Weight: 15 oz