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Goose & Flowers, Iroquois beaded bag


Glamorous beaded goose on a Iroquois beaded bag by Paul St John, Mohawk. The bag is of soft rich velveteen, a green so dark it looks black in all but strong light. Paul uses all vintage glass seed beads on this bag. Iroquois style round transparent mauve flowers with solid pink pearl bead centers on transparent green stems with long narrow green leaves. The goose is made of clear "pink heart" beads. (You can see pink hearts very close-up but a bit further away these pink hearts make the beads appear very silvery, shiney.) At center of the goose's body, Paul adds some pearl white beads. Goose's beak and feet are made of transparent gold beads which also are at top opening of bag and attachment location of the rich brown silk ribbon handle. This ribbon is sewn around the outside edges of the bag and secured with solid color white beads, in pairs. Just inside the ribbon border, a solid color white bead border has been added, this goes across the top of the bag as well, just a bit below the opening. Paul has lined the bag with a calico cotton print, floral - it is a reproduction of a mid 1800's fabric.

This bag is 5.5" long, 5.5" wide at widest (near bottom" and the ribbon handle is 5.5" above the bag when held at the center of the handle.

Paul was taught to bead by his Mohawk grandmother, Amelia St John. The Mohawk are one of the 5 tribes making up the Iroquois Confederacy.

Iroquois Beaded Goose Bag
Iroquois Beaded Goose Bag - close up
Iroquois Beaded Goose Bag - back
Iroquois Beaded Goose Bag - inside
Weight: 4 oz