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Four Herons on Oval Birch Bark Box


Four Great Blue Herons of porcupine quill stand still concentrating on their fishing on this birch bark box by Paul St John, Mohawk craftsman.

The Great Blue Herons are made of 2 shades of blue, yellow and black dyed porcupine quills with some natural white/tan quills. The herons stand in blue water with some green and brown cattails around them. Here the birch bark medallion at center of the lid is separated from the coiled tidal sweetgrass by a border of yellow dyed porcupine quills

This oval birch bark container is 7" long, 5" across at widest/middle point, and 5" high. It has tidal sweetgrass at it's top and bottom rim and also on the bottom edge of the overhanging lid and the rim around the lid's top ... where the overhang to the lid is attached. The birch bark has natural color variations (the outer white bark is on inside of box). There is a natural white w/darker end tips porcupine quill border around the outer edge of the box's lid.

On the lid is the largest heron surrounded by 3 cattails. On the front of the box is a heron with a cattail before it and 2 cattails behind it, on the back of the box (with a seam where the birch bark has been attached to form the oval) there is a heron again with a cattail before it and 2 cattails behind it. On one narrow end is a heron with 1 cattail before and 1 cattail behind it.

Great Blue Herons are huge wading birds, between 3 and 4 feet tall! They love the salt marshes and many inlets along Maine's coast. They also fish along the many rivers, streams and lake shores that are found in Maine.

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4 Herons Birch Bark Box
4 Herons Birch Bark Box - Back
4 Herons Birch Bark Box - Open
4 Herons Birch Bark Box - side
Weight: 1 lb