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Flower top curly basket; black, gray natural


A flower top drum basket (round with straight sides) with gray and black curlique curls by Dolly Barnes, Passamaquoddy. Dolly is the daughter and apprentice of Dr. Molly Neptune Parker, NEA Heritage Fellowship award winner. The flowers atop this basket are one of Dolly's mothers signature styles. Dolly's great- grandmother also made flower topped baskets as does her mother Dr. Molly Neptune Parker, and her nephew, Geo Neptune. It is a family style with each family member putting their own unique touches on this type of basket.

Here the steely gray, intense black and near white natural ash really set off the natural color flowers. It is bold and a unique combination of colors for a Passamaquoddy basket. There are 2 dark green leaves of ash splint.

4" in diameter at opening and bottom, 3" high to the rim of the basket - with the curls adding another 1/2" to the diameter and the flowers and sweetgrass handle adding another 1.5" to the height the actual diameter is 4.5" and the actual height is also 4.5" .

... As mentioned, Dolly Barnes is the daughter of and apprentice to Dr. Molly Neptune Parker, Passamaquoddy master basketmaker. In 2015 Molly received an honorary doctorate from Bowdoin College, Brunswick Maine. Bowdoin announced this honor by saying " Molly Neptune Parker is a true tradition-bearer, she has taught generations of tribal members across the country to weave, ensuring the continuance of this once-endangered Native art form. She has served as president of the Maine Indian Basketmakers’ Alliance and as a master teacher in the Maine Arts Commission’s traditional arts apprenticeship program. Read more about Molly Neptune Parker in the "Bios" section of this website.

Black, Gray, Natural Flower Top Basket
Black, Gray, Natural Flower Top Basket side
Black, Gray, Natural Flower Top Basket open
Black, Gray, Natural Flower Top Basket Signature
Weight: 12 oz