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Eskimo/Inuit "igloo" Salt & Pepper Shaker set - c/1940's


This walrus ivory set was bought by a soldier stationed in Alaska during WW II. He brought this and other Eskimo crafts back to his Maine home. Alaskan natives saw the potential for the sale of their traditional items and items made for "tourists" with the influx of over 22,000 military personal into Alaska during the war. These little igloos have lines drawn on them for the ice blocks that make real igloos, complete with entryways. Each has 3 holes on the top, smaller holes on the one for pepper. These may have had cork stoppers on the bottom (where you put in the salt or pepper) but now there are no stoppers. If you wish to use these, you can fashion small cork or rubber stoppers - or a small piece of duck tape would do as well... If you are going to display them only - no stoppers necessary.

These are 1" in diameter, 1.25" high and the entryway on one is 1/2" long and 1/2" wide, the other is 1/2" long and 3/8" wide.

NOTE - currently California and New Jersey ban the sale of ALL ivory - so these can not be sold or shipped to anyone in either state. Should you live in one of these states and purchase this - I will not ship to you, I will refund your purchase price.....and relist this item...

Eskimo Ivory "Igloos"
Eskimo Ivory "Igloos" - front
Eskimo Ivory "Igloos" - top
Eskimo Ivory "Igloos" - side, back
Weight: 10 oz