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Cormorant - walrus ivory


Eskimo carver Davis Uglwook's has made a cormorant look graceful! - This is a charming standing cormorant of new walrus ivory with detailed wings and baleen eyes. The backward looking cormorant is such a typical stance for this species. I admire the ability of Eskimo carvers to elicit the essence of an animal with a few simple lines.

Davis Uglwook is a well known Eskimo (Yupik) carver. This cormorant is 2" high, 1" deep and 1/2" wide

Part of a collection of Eskimo and Inuit items which was built by one gentleman over several years. More items from this collection are now available - check more from this colleciton in "Antique items from other areas" and "current work from other areas"

NOTE: - currently California and New Jersey ban the sale of ALL ivory - so these can not be sold or shipped to anyone in either state. Should you live in one of these states and purchase this - I will not ship to you, I will refund your purchase price.....and relist this item... (And no international sales either - as many countries prohibit purchase/sale of any ivory)

Cormorant  right
Cormorant  front
Weight: 8 oz