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Chickadee on Evergreen branch - Basket


A cheery Chickadee on a new basketry form by Paul St John, Mohawk artist. This is a beautiful "fancy" basket with decorative shape and lovely sweetgrass braid loops by Paul St John, Mohawk artist. This basket has a bowl shape, round with wider opening tapering to smaller diameter bottom. Paul uses the same basketry technique to make this piece as he does his other coiled sweetgrass baskets - But the shape is different and the added braided loops on the basket sides are so decorative. On this basket the braided loops extend above the basket opening - just a bit above the lid - There is an additional outer border of natural porcupine quills on the overhanging lid. A most interesting new technique makes the porcupine quill "needles" of the pine branch on the lid stick out ... like real pine needles! The quill chickadee is large and quite realistic

Black dyed porcupine quills with natural white quills make up the Chickadee that sits on a branch of green dyed quills (with aforementioned 3D pine needle branches). The quill work is on a round birch bark medallion at center of the coiled sweetgrass lid.

This round tapered basket has birch bark at center of lid and used as the bottom - then coiled tidal sweetgrass on sides and at rim and side of the lid. The lid is 6" in diameter and the bottom is 3.25" in diameter. The birch bark medallion at the center of the lid is 3.75" in diameter. The basket stands 3.5" high. There is a natural white porcupine quill inner border around the lid's birchbark medallion and another at the overhanging lid's edge.

Read more about Paul and his work in the "Bio" section, and a more detailed article in the "News" section of this website.

Fancy Chickadee Basket
Fancy Chickadee Basket - Close up
Fancy Chickadee Basket - Open
Fancy Chickadee Basket -Side view
Weight: 12 oz