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Cardinal Pair: 2 baskets


A pair of baskets by Paul St John, Mohawk craftsman - one with a female cardinal, the other with a male. Such a great pair of cardinals and baskets with matching yellow quill borders around the birch bark centers! Because I don't want to split up the pair the price for both is much less than the price for a single basket. If you wish just the male or the female - the single basket will be $125. - Contact me to arrange purchase of just 1 of these...

Cardinals are a common sight in southern areas of Maine. Here in mid-coast Maine they are rather rare. What a treat to see the male's red contrasting with the spring snow, and to hear their unmistakable song when they are around! The female cardinal has orange/red and olive green/tan feathers with a red beak and black face. She has some brown feathers in her tail. So realistic and quite striking. The red, orange. brown, black and olive/tan, are dyed quill The naturally darker ends of the quills are utilized by Paul to give realism and definition to the cardinal's head, wings and neck. She is perched on a brown branch. The male cardinal has red dyed feathers with a yellow beak and black face. Some of the red feathers have the natural dark ends used to delineation of wings and tail. He is perched on a pine bough; brown twig, green pine needles.

Both are oval baskets with birch bark at center of lid and used as the bottom - then coiled tidal sweetgrass on sides and at rim of cover. The male's basket is 5.25" long, 4.25" across and 2.25" high. The birch bark medallion at center top on his basket is 4" long by 3" wide. The female's basket is 5" long, 4" across and 2.25" high. The birch bark medallion at center top on her basket is also4" long by 3" wide.

Pair of Cardinal baskets
Pair of Cardinal baskets - Female, close
Pair of Cardinal baskets - male
Pair of Cardinal baskets - open basket, male
Weight: 13 oz