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Beautifully Beaded Dragonfly Necklace


DISCOUNTED THRU JANUARY 2019 (Discounted $20)

This expertly beaded dragonfly necklace enchants and sparkles - it's wings are divided into lines like a live dragonfly. Gal Frey, Passamaquoddy craftswoman makes baskets, moccasins and more. Her beadwork is always perfectly done and sometimes is traditional - and as this necklace shows can also be quite unique and current.

It is of clear and smoky gray crystal beads, the curved arching lines on the wings add to the sparkle as the beads reflect the light. The body and eyes are of silver beads, the tisted double neck chain is of light smoky gray translucent beads with larger graduated hematite beads and silver beads. The beading is on pale cream colored leather (backing) - see last photo.

The dragonfly has a wingspread of 4" across at longest and 1.25" at deepest. The body is 2" long. The beaded neck chain is 11.5" long from center back to top of dragonfly's head and the clasp is a silver toggle clasp.

Gal Frey is the mother of two of Maine's best known younger basketmakers, Jeremy and Gabriel Frey.

Beaded Dragonfly Necklace
Beautifully Beaded Dragonfly Necklace - light background
Beautifully Beaded Dragonfly Necklace - entire necklace
Beautifully Beaded Dragonfly Necklace - back of beadwork
Weight: 8 oz