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Beaded Pouch c/1870's - Micmac/Mi'kmaq (Canadian spelling)


Very rare MicMac/Mi'kmaq (Canadian Spelling) beaded pouch. Beautiful beadwork designs are very similar on both sides of this piece.

This is 6" long and 5.25" across at widest. It is beaded on black velvet, lined with black silk. All beadwork is intact! In a few small places some of the velvet pile is worn down - but no holes or fraying of the fabric. The areas are very hard to see. Both sides will look perfect when displayed. This was made between 1865-1880. It uses 12 colors of very small glass seed beads, both solid color and translucent. Photos below show both sides and close-ups of 2 areas.

I have only personally seen one other MicMac/Mi'kmaq beaded bag, it was in a Nova Scotia museum. There are not many examples of MicMac/Mi'kmaq even in books. By contrast I have seen hundreds, maybe 1000+ Iroquois beaded bags - all here in Maine. The Iroquois did/do not live in Maine. - Maine is the land of the Wabanaki - a confederation of 5 tribes living here and in Vermont and Eastern Canada. The Wabanaki - MicMac, Maliseet, Passamaquoddy and Penobscot live in Maine and Eastern Canada, the Abenaki live in Vermont and Eastern Canada.

The tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy made many beaded items to sell - from the late 1700's-1930s their beadwork was sold at Niagara Falls (Both Canadian & USA sides) and other places. By contrast almost all of the Wabanaki beadwork was done on items of clothing for their personal use.

I do not expect to ever have another vintage MicMac/Mi'kmaq bag to sell - you will likely never see another one for sale. -

Vintage MicMac/Mi'kmaq beaded pouch
Vintage MicMac/Mi'kmaq beaded pouch - side 2
Vintage MicMac/Mi'kmaq beaded pouch - close-up
Vintage MicMac/Mi'kmaq beaded pouch - close-up 2
Weight: 8 oz