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Beaded Heart Medicine Pouch


This exquisitely beaded medicine pouch is by Jennifer Sapiel Neptune, Penobscot. The bead work is done on fine white silk applied to finely, tightly woven black wool (the same type as vintage trade wool). The wool covers the front of the pouch which is made of native-tanned deer hide, extremely soft and pliable.

The beads are small glass beads, the size commonly used pre-1870. The solid white beads form the border of the heart, the exterior bead line has 2 beads then a space. The 2 interior bead lines are solidly beaded. The interior of the heart is beaded on fine red trade wool and has a traditional Penobscot double curve design which fill into the 2 top lobes of the heart. The double curve is done in 2 shades of green and an opaque white. The bottom of the heart is filled with a traditional trifoliate design of iridescent blue, opaque white and iridescent pink. At the center where the trifoliate design meets the double curve design is a larger faceted bead of iridescent pink.

This medicine bag is lined with a calico lining of white and red floral design. The pouch is 3.5" long by 2.5" across. The fringes hang 3" below the pouch making it 6.5" long overall. At the top sides of the pouch are 2 leather fringes and the neck strap is 12.5" from sides of pouch to current tie - this could be made shorter or longer.

Beaded heart medicine pouch
Beaded heart medicine pouch - close
Beaded heart medicine pouch - back
Beaded heart medicine pouch - front
Weight: 8 oz