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Bandolier Bag - with legendary White Crow


White Crow features in many stories and legends of many tribes. This magnificent beaded White Crow bandolier bag is by Paul St John, Mohawk. You will receive copies of a few of the stories and myths that inspired this bag which Paul placed inside the bag.

This bandolier style shoulder bag with strap was made of a vintage black wool. The strap and the bag are lined with red calico cotton material in a vintage dotted pattern. The borders of the bag and the strap are secured with red silk ribbon. The crow is made of vintage solid white seed beads. The beaded design that is on the entire length of the strap is the Iroquois sky-dome design. This represents the three levels of the Iroquois cosmos: the Celestial world, our world and the world of darkness.

The beadwork design is done in the style of "scrape" work ... etchings on birch bark pieces made by scraping just the top layer of the bark to show the contrasting layer of bark beneath it.

The bag is 10" long, the width is 7.75" and the strap is 27" from center of top to side of bag at it's attachment point. The strap is 2.25" wide

Wabanaki & Iroquois traditionally made and used bandolier bags and shoulder bags, of varying styles, sizes, materials and designs. Many other tribes also made bandolier bags.

You can use this as part of your regalia, or as a purse or shopping bag or as a beautiful display piece.

White Crow bandolier bag
White Crow bandolier bag close up
White Crow bandolier bag -strap design
White Crow bandolier bag -back
Weight: 10 oz