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Bandolier Bag; Cree/Ojibwe Style


Spectacular bandolier bag by Paul St John, Mohawk. The beadwork designs on this bag are primarily Cree/Ojibwe style, but Paul says some of the leaves have Iroquois influences as do the vines.

The bag is of a dark green velvet lined with a floral cotton calico print that is a copy of fabric from the 1850-1880's. There are 14 colors of vintage seed beads, solid used on this bag. Some of the beads are solid color, some translucent. Paul has trimmed the exterior of the bag and the strap with a rich brown silk ribbon- the ribbon is attached with a pattern of 2 bronze solid color beads then a space - The top edges of the bag as an outer border of these bronze beads. The strap is trimmed with an outer border of translucent gold color beads.
This bag is 9" x 9". Strap is 3" wide and 21.5" from center top of strap to top of bag.

Bandolier bags are heavily beaded pouches with a slit at the top. They have a beaded strap worn diagonally over the shoulder, placing the bag at hip level. The design is made with glass beads, a European trade good that replaced the traditional porcupine quills. The bags are made from trade cloth, such as cotton, wool, velvet, or leather. Great Lake Native Americans including Ojibwe, Potawatomi, Ho-Chunk/Winnebago, Menominee, Creek, and Sauk tribes made/make bandolier bags with floral designs - similar to this bag's flowers and leaf designs. These tribes are Western neighbors of the Iroquois - and neighbors influence and exchange ideas, designs, actual goods.

Bandolier Bag, Cree/Ojibwe Style
Bandolier Bag, Cree/Ojibwe Style - entire bag
Bandolier Bag, Cree/Ojibwe Style  - center flower
Bandolier Bag, Cree/Ojibwe Style  - bag design
Bandolier Bag, Cree/Ojibwe Style  - back
Bandolier Bag, Cree/Ojibwe Style  - W/strap detail
Weight: 1 lb