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Arctic Hunter in Kayak


This Innuit hunter has had a successful hunt, a seal carcass is on the front of the kayak, lying on it's back. There is an inflated seal bladder on the back of the kayak and a hunting knife on one side. The Inuit/Eskimo believe the seal's "soul" resides in it's bladder and so inflate the bladder to honor the seal. There is an annual festival of inflated seal bladders.

This sculpture depicting a slice of Arctic life is carved of marble and has a moosehorn (antler) paddle and knife. It is by Joe Obed, Inuit sculptor. Joe is a traditional Inuit carver, using a few simple lines to capture the complicated essense of the creatures he sculpts. It is that simplicity that elicits so much that I personally most admire about traditional Inuit sculpture. (Inuit is the Canadian word for the tribal group the USA calls Eskimo)

The kayak is 6.5" long 2" across at widest, 3" high. It sets on a marble base.

This piece is signed - deeply incised on base's bottom is "Joe Obed - Labrador" - More lightly incised is "hummingbird - 2018"

Hunter in Kayak
Hunter in Kayak, side
Hunter in Kayak, face
Hunter in Kayak, back
Hunter in Kayak,  signature
Weight: 2 lb