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Stan Neptune


Stan Neptune is the leading authority on Maine Indian chip carving, root clubs and walking sticks. He is also one of the best current Maine Indian chip carvers/carvers of root clubs. In the process of learning Penobscot myths, history, legends and stories from Senabeh, a religious elder and root club carver, Stan picked up chip carving.

In spite of growing up on Indian Island, Penobscot Nation, Maine, Stan had a minimal awareness of his culture. That was just the way of the times then, when he returned from serving in the military in the late 1960's, he felt a need to learn more about his tribal culture. He turned to Ronald "Senabeh" Francis, who was then an acknowledged spiritual leader and medicine man as well as one of the last of the chip cavers. While learning the stories, legends, myths and history of the Penobscots from Senahbeh, Stan was watching Senahbeh carve root clubs and walking sticks. Soon Stan picked up a knife and carved with Senahbeh as he listened to him.

Stan is researching the history of the root club working with tufts University and several museums. He is collaborating with Joan Lester on a book about root clubs.