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Paul St John

Paul St. John now lives in Maine, his mother is Passamaquoddy with some MicMac as well. He grew up on his father's homeland - the Mohawk lands in New York. - When I saw his work I knew immediately I needed to offer it. No single "Craft" is listed as Paul St John does so many - His quill work and coiled sweetgrass baskets are an historical Maine Indian traditional craft, currently no one but Paul St. John is actively makes this type of basket. In addition, Paul St John does quill work on birch bark "boxes", quill work on moccasins, jewelry and more. He also makes leather bags - medicine bags, bandoleer bags and more. In addition Paul St John makes beautiful dolls; Iroquois corn husk dolls, MicMac, Maliseet, Penobscot and Passamquoddy dolls with leather bodies - all dressed in traditional dress with traditional beadwork designs. Oh - and Paul does beadwork jewelry too.....