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Geo Neptune


Geo Neptune is the grandson of National Endowment for the Arts Heritage Fellow award winner, Molly Neptune Parker. Geo Neptune is one of the rising young stars of Maine Indian basketry. Raised by his Grandmother Molly on the Passamaquoddy Reserve in Indian Township, Maine which lies along on the Canadian border/St.Croix River. Geo made his first basket at age 4. Born in 1988, George attended grammar school on the reservation and graduated from Dartmouth College. He was, until recently, the educator at the Abbe Museum in Bar Harbor Maine. Geo resigned in order to be a full time basket maker. He also has been appointed a youth ambassador for the UN, named one of the "10 people this year we are grateful to have in Maine" by the Portland Press Herald, is active in community theater, and is a lecturer - most recently at a conference at Dartmouth College (his Alma Mater). He has participated and spoken at world conferences as a UN youth ambassador.

Geo Neptune was featured along with 4 other young Maine Indian basketmakers in "Transcending Traditions" an exhibit which was first at the Hudson Museum, Orono Maine and then at the Abbe Museum in Bar Harbor Maine. The exhibit is a collaboration between the Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance and the Hudson Museum. His work, along with 3 other young Maine Indian basket makers, also appeared in the Portland Museum of Art Bicentennial 2016 exhibit. Including work typically considered "craft" was a first for the PMA and appropriately elevated the basket maker's work to works of art. Photo of Geo with 2 of his baskets at the Portland Museum of Art.

Geo's baskets can be fanciful and joyous - a wedding cake, baskets with twigs extending on which are basketry birds or basketry flowers, barrettes with colorful basketry flowers.