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Eric "Otter" Bacon


Otter was raised in the Indian Township area of the Passamaquoddy Reservation. This area lies along the Canadian border – where the St. Croix River divides New Brunswick Canada from Maine USA.

Otter is a free spirit – his wanderings have taken him to California where he established himself as a painter exhibiting in several galleries. He spent time in Arizona and Connecticut. Otter is a young man who enjoys new experiences and that adventurous spirit has led him to be very innovative artist. Returning a few years ago to his Passamaquoddy home, he apprenticed with Jeremy Frey, the most honored current Maine Indian basketmaker. Otter’s work reflects Jeremy’s teachings – precision and attention to detail.

Otter has a need to try new ideas as well as a desire to work in traditional Passamaquoddy art forms. This led him incorporate traditional mediums such as wampum beads and etched birchbark into his baskets. The etchings on his birchbark work are innovative as well. The work has traditional Passamaquoddy motifs combined with various styles that are not traditional at all – such as North West coast geometric animals and even Aztec looking designs – which still use Passamaquoddy symbols and motifs.

At SWIA's Santa Fe Indian Market, 2012 Otter took several ribbons including Best in Division for a 1st place in non-South Western Contemporary - baskets, and a special made category for " non-South Western Traditional Miscellaneous" in which 1st place was given for the first juried birch bark basket.

No one, least of all Otter himself, can predict where he will physically be in a year – or what his work will look like then. But – it is certain it will be interesting, unique, perfect and beautiful.