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Former Chief Barry Dana, Penobscot, does birch bark work. Barry does both porcupine quill design and etching qoek in traditional Wabanaki designs as well as realistic etchings of natural scenes... such as pumpkins and corn, portraits, moose, deer, birds etc.

Sadly David Moses Bridges, Passamaquoddy - father, husband, craftsman, environmentalist, wonderful speaker, crafter of canoes and birch bark art - as well as a true friend to so many passed away on January 20th, 2017 after a long battle with cancer. He is missed tremendously by all who knew him. -

Pair of Cardinal baskets

A pair of baskets by Paul St John, Mohawk craftsman - one with a female cardinal, the other with a male. Such a great pair of cardinals and baskets with matching yellow quill borders around the birch bark centers! Because I don't want to split up the pair the price for both is much less than the price for a single basket.

Great Blue Heron; Round Basket

An regal Great Blue Heron standing stoically graces the lid of this larger size round coiled tidal sweetgrass. Paul St John, Mohawk craftsman has fashioned the heron of porcupine quills. The heron stands in blue water with 3 cattail plants around him. Great blue herons are seen frequently in Maine's many lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, tidal estuaries and in salt marshes along Maine's coast.

Great Blue Heron Dance Fan

An imposing Great Blue Heron standing stoically graces the birch bark handle of this dance fan. Partridge feathers, wing, tail and downy are atop the fan. Ancient Wabanaki designs are scraped/etched onto the birchbark. A stunning addition to your regalia or a gorgeous display piece.

Floral Mukuk

Gina Brooks, Maliseet artist, says this birch bark container shows both the older type of undecorated birch bark mukuk and the newer contemporary part that is decorated with flowers, leaves, vines, stars and more.

Smoking Rabbit/birchbark -open

An important work by Paul St John (registered Mohawk, his father's tribe & Passamaquoddy/Maliseet/MicMac - his mother's heritage). Here Paul has used two traditional techniques to decorate this oval birch bark box, porcupine quillwork and bark scraping (etching). The box lid features a quillwork rabbit smoking a pipe.

"Where" Moose Call - in the wild

Unique, spectacular, powerful, original, stunning, magical, perfect, evocative, - a few of the adjectives of praise for Aaron York's moose call "Where Did You Go?" "Tantee Tohtayin!?". All who have seen it have been moved, impressed - all have agreed this is a very special piece of Native American art - current yet traditional, art yet functional.

Hummingbird, hearts & flower basket

Hummingbird hovers over a red flower with red hearts/double curves of porcupine quills on each corner of this birch bark and coiled sweetgrass envelope basket by Paul St John, Mohawk craftsman.

 Bear Neck Knife/Sheath

Neck knife: Bear and Wabanaki double curve motifs of porcupine quill on handmade birchbark sheath with skinning knife by Paul St John, Mohawk craftsman. This birch bark neck knife sheath has a large "cinnamon" bear at the top and Wabanaki double curve designs the front bottom.